How much do you know about your eyes and vision health? Take this True or False Quiz!

True or False:

Get the red out eye drops are bad for your eyes.

True and False. Some are, some aren’t. In the past, non-prescription eye drops that promised white eyes did indeed cause problems such as dryness and rebound redness after stopping the drops. A new entry to the market of over-the-counter (OTC) drops for eye redness has no such side effects and is both safe and effective.

Lumify is now available OTC for the relief of red eyes and can be used 1-2 times a day. It has an 8 hour whitening effect. It should not be used with soft contacts in place; the lenses can be inserted 10 minutes after instilling the drops.

True or False:

My eyes are watery so they can’t be dry.

False. Dry eyes may actually be the cause of the watering due to the pain of dryness causing a temporary rebound tear secretion. That symptom is actually one of the most common for dry eye sufferers. The tearing usually comes right after a scratchy or gritty feeling that occurs when the tear film is too thin or missing from the eye surface. A visit to a practitioner who concentrates on dry eyes can get to the root cause. Accent Vision Specialists are dry eye experts and have all the instrumentation experience needed to do just that.

True or False:

Your eyes are windows to your general health.

True. Your eyes can be a first alert system for some very serious health issues.

Many patients are aware of the fact that diabetes can be monitored by changes in the eye. Most don’t know just how many other disorders can be found by comprehensive eye evaluations.

Just a short list would include:

•  Multiple Sclerosis
•  Auto-immune diseases
•  Systemic infectious diseases such as TB, HIV, Sarcoidosis, Herpes Simplex and Shingles.

Also: Dry eyes can be associated with Sjogren’s Syndrome and arthritis. Migraines start with vision changes in many cases. Stroke and aneurysm can be found by certain diagnostic tests at the eye doctor’s office. It’s not uncommon to first detect a brain tumor during an eye exam.

So, yes – your eyes can be the first to show signs of very important changes in your health. Don’t put off your annual exam. It could be your most important appointment of the year!

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