Anna Bell Hesch

Anna Bell Hesch is the Practice Administrator of Accent Vision Specialists (AVS), having invested nearly four decades of her career in medical facility administration. Almost half of those years have been with AVS since her hiring date of May 2000.

Anna Bell is a passionate advocate for the company’s patients and believes in exemplary customer service. She has a strong work ethic, inherited from her father, and nurtures her staff as though they were her own children. Anna Bell is a Certified Paraoptometric (CPO) by the American Optometric Association and American Board of Optometry (ABO) Certified Optician. Her work experience has been developed with family practitioners, osteopaths, pediatricians, and optometrists.

In order to be an effective practice administrator, she believes that she must be able to execute the duties of each position in every department that she oversees. It is not unusual to see her working as an optician, filing manager, check-in/check-out person, insurance claims filer, contact lens manager, or working in a plethora of other positions at AVS. Her expertise in medical billing, insurance claims, use of Microsoft Office products, and the database management system that is used to run the facility efficiently allows her to do all of that and more with great proficiency.

Achieving improvement is a never-ending attribute of her effective management style. Her commitment and loyalty to her bosses is outshined by the same that she directs to the patients that make the business operate successfully.

A native of Santa Fe, NM, she grew up in a home with nine siblings. She is a woman who fervently believes being a good role model is an integral part of her personality. She leads all by example, knowing that honesty is not just the best way to live one’s life…it is the only way!

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