Kids Eyewear

Accent Vision Specialists has stylish children’s eyewear that your kids will love to wear. Gone are the days when wearing glasses was something to be embarrassed about! Top name designers have made glasses they can enjoy wearing and show off thanks to modern designs, colors, and shapes. Name brands like Nike, Ray-Ban, Nikki by Nicole Miller and Oakley For Kids are some of the lines that we carry for your kids’ prescription eyewear. Our stylish designs allow kids to feel confident in their prescription glasses.

For those with infants and toddlers that require vision correction, we also have Mira Flex. They are Italian-made with absolutely no metal in the frame which makes them safe for your precious little one. No metal means there will be no fuss with nose pads and the hassles of screws falling out or becoming loose over time. The material Mira Flex uses for their frames is hypo-allergenic, BPA free, latex free, and rubber free.

80% of learning is visual 

Since healthy vision is so important to our children’s development and school vision screening can miss many subtle problems, annual comprehensive eye exams are highly recommended. With the yearly check-ups, our doctor can make sure that your child’s eyes are developing normally and that they are working together. If any problems are found, early treatment can slow down, if not stop, bigger problems that could impair their eyesight for life. Excessive squinting, or notes from the teacher about your child unable to see the board, should not be the only indicators that children might need their vision corrected.

We accept many different vision insurance plans and CareCredit Financing to help with the cost of an exam and materials for you and your child. The ability to see better is just a phone call away! Contact us today or stop by to see our great selection of children’s eyewear.