The Optical Shop at Accent Vision offers eyeglasses and eyewear in a wide variety of styles, brands, sizes, and colors. Whether you are looking for sunglasses, sports glasseschildren’s frames, reading or computer glasses, designer frames, or safety glasses, the optical department at Accent Vision Specialists is a one-stop shop. Stop in to browse our designer frames!


Contact Lenses

Our office stocks a large inventory of contact lenses, including Multifocal, Monovision, Astigmatic, Cosmetic and for difficult-to-fit conditions, such as Keratoconus and post-surgical complications. We also provide Corneal Refractive Therapy to reshape the cornea while you sleep. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to check our extensive stock to fill your contact lenses needs.


 Low Vision

Low vision is a loss of eyesight that makes everyday tasks difficult to accomplish, such as reading, writing, shopping, watching television, driving a car or recognizing faces. Our doctors can evaluate your needs and provide demonstrations of a wide variety of Vision Aids that are designed to magnify, contrast or illuminate images to improve visual acuity.